We are currently registered as a 501(c)(7)  nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping people discover all the joys of kite flying!  Our club was the first kite club in the State of Washington. This group was founded in 1973. We are affiliated with the American Kitefliers Association, a national organization.



What kinds of kite activities do we do?

  • We get together and share the fun of flying kites,
  • We make kites in classes and teach kite history and safety,
  • We participate in kite making and flying competitions,
  • We have displayed kites at the King County Convention Center and other locations.



What kinds of kites do we fly?

  • Different sizes and shapes — Parafoils, box, delta, diamond or miniatures,
  • Kites from other countries — Oriental fighters, bird or dragon kites,
  • In lots of wind or no wind — Vented at the ocean or ultra light indoors,
  • On one line or 2 or more — Traditional or sport kites,
  • One line with many kites — One after another or hanging off the line.



Special Events:

  • Annual New Year’s Day “Protest the Bowls” Kite Fly
  • Annual Father’s Day Kite Fly
  • Lasagna Feed held during the Washington State International Kite Festival
  • Holiday Potluck with proceeds from the raffle donated to a local food bank